OSET Trials bikes are revolutionary. Totally electric mini-bikes made from quality parts, designed in the USA and built tough enough for Australian conditions.

OSET Bikes are powerful trials bikes with low centre of gravity, great balance, instant torque and light enough so that your child can pick the bike up themselves. These mini-bikes are serious, competition-ready machines that can match it with the best petrol-powered bikes in their class. Check out all the videos on Youtube

There’s no fuel to mix, no kick starting, no prep time for you, no stopping to pick up your child and their bike and most importantly no hot exhaust to burn your child.

Plus, you get to set the speed control and it can’t be easily changed by the rider. The bikes can be set to do walking speed and increased as the childs confidence and skills improve.

“But the best part is, there’s NO NOISE.”

Your kids can ride these bikes in the backyard all day without annoying the neighbours – perfect for learning to ride in the suburbs. And because they’re so well balanced, you don’t need to have a huge backyard – just check out the videos on our photo gallery page.

OSET electric minibikes are unique. The only problem you’ll have is getting your kids off them and back in the house!

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